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We believe that the key focus of every entrepreneur should be to grow their business. Taking on administrative tasks shifts attention from that core focus. So our advice to entrepreneurs is always to get a trusted accounting partner as soon as they can whether they are able to perform accounting services themselves or not.

Please feel free to read further advice for entrepreneurs on why they should outsource accounting services here.

Monthly accounting services provide substantially more value than having an accountant who provides you with ad-hoc services. Your accountant should be a trusted business advisor who understands your business just as much as you do. If your accountant sees your numbers once a year when they are drafting your Annual Financial Statements, by then it is too late for them to offer you advice that would have made your business more profitable and definitely too late to lower your tax liability for a year that is over.

At The Accounting Village, we offer affordable monthly accounting services packages that are aligned to your business size and requirements. We also believe that monthly accounting actually pays itself as it

  • 1. Saves you time to focus on business growth
  • 2. Provides expert insight and gives you access to regular business profitability advice
  • 3. Gives you peace of mind knowing that your finances are done accurately and timeously
  • 4. Gives you access to tax-saving advice thereby reducing your tax liability
  • 5. You can make more proactive financial decisions from readily available advisors

A monthly accountant will cost you more than other accounting services acquisition methods, but you really do get what you pay for. So if you are geared towards growth, having an expert eye on your financials on a monthly basis is worth the added expense.

We are not your traditional accounting practice. Our duty to you goes beyond ensuring that your numbers are prepared and you are compliant with SARS. We love reaching out to our clients on a consistent basis because we care about the success of your business. Our experienced team is able to provide proactive business advice and tax planning which will allow you to maximise your profits.

At The Accounting Village we charge a fixed fee for monthly accounting services. Our pricing is customised to meet your company needs and its based on the monthly services required from us. To view our packages and pricing plans click here. We also offer once off services which can be viewed here.

Should you require to speak to us further about our packages or our offerings, please contact us here to log a query or an appointment with one of our expert accountants.

If you cannot find a package suited for your needs, we are more than happy to discuss options with you and offer a customised package.

Please contact us here to speak to set up an appointment with one of our expert accountants.

A BEE Affidavit is a sworn affidavit applicable to an Exempted Micro Enterprises (EME – turnover below R10 million) and Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSE – turnover between R10 million and R50 million) and black ownership is 51% or more. Once the Bee Affidavit has been stamped by a Commissioner of Oaths, the Bee Affidavit serves as a B-BBEE certificate as no other verification is required.

At The Accounting Village, we strongly believe that no South African small business owner should pay to prove that they are an EME or a QSE, hence we provide this service at no cost for any South African business.

If you would like us to assist you with a BEE Affidavit click here.

Yes we can, depending on your circumstances. We are registered tax practitioners with a team of tax experts and our aim is to not only assist our clients to be compliant with SARS, but we also view tax saving as an important aspect of our offering.

Absolutely. The Accounting Village is a digital practice and we believe in the use of cloud-based systems as opposed to the traditional accounting systems that are computer-based and less efficient. We like to streamline our client’s business using the latest cloud technology and we typically use Xero cloud accounting software, which comes standard with any of our packages.

We also partner with various service providers who are able to recommend and assist in the implementation of the best systems that can integrate with Xero in order to achieve in your business.

Our goal is to assist all small to medium businesses to be financially successful. We are entrepreneurs ourselves, so we understand first hand the challenges that businesses face whether at start-up or scale-up phase. We believe that a business that has a good strategic plan, good financial records and access to expert advice from the start is a business that has a good chance of being a success.

Please set book an appointment with us here, we are always happy to have a brief consultation to provide personalised financial advice for any business.

As your business grows, your financial needs and concerns will be completely different than they were previously. Keeping the accountant who is not evolving with your business could prove to be a costly mistake for a growing business. You will know you have outgrown your current accountant if:

  • 1. They can only provide you with bookkeeping services
  • 2. They can’t help you when you need to borrow money or apply for funding
  • 3. They can’t offer advice for your business plan or expansion goals
  • 4. They make mistakes because they do not understand the complexities of your business
  • 5.They are not accessible when you need them

Your accountant should always be your support partner that you get good advice from about any major decision. They should understand your business and should always be ready and available with quality advice that addresses your unique challenges. The right accountant will save you money and set you up for long-term financial success.


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