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Get a compliance health check is for your business


A company compliance health check is a review of a business’s compliance status with different compliance regulations such as SARS, CIPC, and the Department of Labour.

At SARS, we check for compliance with VAT, Income Tax, PAYE, UIF, and SDL. At CIPC we check if the business is still registered and annual returns are up to date. With the Department of Labour, we review your COID registration and if you are compliant with the Compensation Fund (Letter of Good Standing).


The purpose of the health check is to assess the compliance status with each of the compliance bodies as non-compliance could lead to legal implications and even closure of the business. At The Accounting Village, it is our duty to ensure that all clients that we services remain compliant at all times. This means performing an initial full compliance health check on all businesses that we serve and monitoring these on a regular basis.


Based on our assessment, we will issue a report which outlines the compliance status of the business. The report will assist us to offer services to clients that will ensure that they remain compliant.

Required Documents

The documents will be required from you in order for us to perform a Compliance Health Check.

You do not need to give us all documents or information, it could be just for the area where you want us to perform a check for you.

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